Oliva Saison (email copy)

Surely there are other places to spend your $39.95, but none of them are half as compelling as right here and now. To prove my point, I’ve compiled a list of things that cost about the same amount as 15 generously sized Oliva Saison torpedos, but that are not nearly as fun to purchase:

– A parking ticket
– Four toilet plungers (“Just in case”)
– A sheet cake that no one eats anyway
– An iPhone with a cracked screen
– A one-month supply of prescription strength athlete’s foot cream
– ¼ of your cable and internet bill

See my point? No fun at all. Why buy all of that when you can buy top-notch quality torpedos from Oliva, discounted 69%? Hailing from Nicaragua’s hottest factory and boasting dozens of 90+ ratings (as high as 94) and Top 25 Cigar honors, Oliva cigars aim to please. Saison is alive with notes of leather, oak, pepper, earth, and coffee, and includes a bold cast of long-fillers that were all grown on Oliva‘s farms in Somoto, Esteli, and Condega, Nicaragua, and all harvested in the same crop year (2009). As you’d expect, quality levels are superb and these medium to full-bodied handmades are chock-full of flavor.
Oliva Saison EmailSo make the right choice and take advantage of my neighborly 69% discount on gobs of flavorful goodness, and score OlivaSaison torpedos for $2.66 apiece. You earned that cash – spend it wisely, my friend.