5 Fashion Rules to Break This Season (blog post)


  1. The rule: Never mix prints

Mixing prints is one of our favorite rules to happily ignore. If you’re nervous about getting it right, start off small by mixing two neutrals—like this dark plaid top with a muted-tone cashmere scarf. Once you start to feel more comfortable with the idea, you can experiment with mixing smaller prints with larger ones, using bolder, brighter colors, and adding tons of texture. Your imagination is truly the limit for this one, and there is no right or wrong. Have fun with it!

Merino Wool Funnel Neck Top

Reclaimed Cashmere Striped Scarf

  1. The rule: Always dress as if you’re going on a job interview

Loungewear is having a major moment right now, and the rules around getting dressed up to run errands are much more relaxed than they were 20 years ago. To be clear, donning a silk nightie to go pick up a gallon of milk might still elicit a few stares. But if you find yourself spending your days and nights in oversized, comfortable organic-cotton separates, there’s no need to change before going out shopping. Comfort and fashion can coexist, as evidenced by these soft-as-a-dream leggings.

Ankle Length Leggings

  1. The rule: Define your waistline

Figure-flattering silhouettes look great, but oversized styles can be just as flattering—and twice as comfortable. Balance loose, flowing tops with slim-fit pants or skirts, or opt to wear an oversized dress with or without a belt. Whether you choose to wear your oversized dress loose or nip it in at the waist, you have an outfit that can be worn for all kinds of occasions, from work to weekend and from date night to cocktail hour.

Collie Popover Blouse

  1. The rule: Don’t wear horizontal stripes

Depending on the piece, horizontal stripes can actually be quite flattering. Look for thin stripes in variations of the same shade. Pair the striped piece with a solid color if you’re feeling timid about breaking this rule. But even wide horizontal stripes can look good if the cut of the garment is flattering. We promise…they won’t make you look wide.

Merino Wool Striped Pencil Skirt

  1. The rule: Sweatshirts are only for the gym

When you see this organic-cotton sweatshirt dress, you’ll realize why this rule definitely shouldn’t exist. Following along with the loungewear/athleisure trend, items that were once classified as strictly workout apparel have experienced a major upgrade, and have been spotted on runways all over the world. Wear your comfy organic-cotton clothing with some fabulous boots or sneakers and other accessories for errand running, and then put on a pair of heels to dress up the same look for a girl’s night out.