Mother’s Day with Natalie: One Miracle DeservesAnother

Oh mama, you’ve been through a lot. Nothing changes your body – and your entire life –  quite like pregnancy, childbirth, and then figuring out how to be in charge of an entire human being for 18 years and beyond. And now you have to find a bathing suit that looks good, too? Relax. We’ve got you covered.

Miraclesuit swimwear was made to celebrate your body just like you were made for sharing the gift of life with the whole world. Postpartum swimwear doesn’t have to be loose, baggy, or boring. In fact, our best-selling new mom swimsuits are some of the most fashionable looks we have.

They’re made for flattering your body no matter how recently you gave birth. Every woman deserves to feel sexy at the beach. And new moms? They probably deserve it most of all.

Natalie is beautifully modeling our Network Jena one piece, the ideal blend of sophistication and slimming benefits that’s top notch for new moms. This asymmetrical, one shoulder one piece has a runway-worthy design that’s perfect for showing off your curves and creating a teeny-tiny waistline in the meantime. Don’t take our word for it: reviewers called this one piece “extremely flattering,” “well made,” and “very stylish.”
“I could wear it at the waterpark with my kids without feeling weird or inappropriate, but still feeling like I was wearing something fun and stylish,” – one mom raved.